CEO, Mississauga Public Library
(Known internally as Director, Library Services)

Reports to:
Commissioner, Community Services

Direct reports:
  • Manager, Central Library and Community Development
  • Manager, Digital Library Services and Collection
  • Manager, Library Planning Development and Analysis
  • Manager, Library Facilities and Operations
  • Sr. Manager, Architecture and Innovation
  • Administrative Coordinator


CEO, Mississauga Public Library known internally as Director, Library Services (MLS) demonstrates strategic leadership, champions the development and implementation of library strategies, services, policies and operational plans as well as ensures a positive and productive environment for all employees. You will build a Library System that is focused on responsive and innovative approaches to coordinated programming, responsive collections and digital services and content that meet evolving customer needs in a diverse and technically dynamic and a customer centric environment.  You will be responsible for delivering key priorities, budget and productivity commitments through LEAN, along with building strong community engagement and stakeholder partnerships, fostering positive labour relations and building staff capabilities.

Delivery of this mandate is guided and supported by a collaborative working relationship with the City of Mississauga (City) and the Mississauga Library Board (Board).  The Library is municipally and provincially funded.  This model is compatible with the Ontario Public Libraries Act.  The Library operates as a fully integrated division of the City. The City ensures that Library needs are fully acknowledged and supported by professional Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources and Legal services, as examples. Collaboration with the Board provides ongoing community engagement and governance oversight at a leadership level. 

Key Priorities

Being accountable to the Commissioner of Community Services and responsible to the Library Board, this role requires you to plan and implement the business goals and key priorities according to Future Directions and the Library Business Plan and Budget as well as operational plans such as the Information Technology Road Map.   Key priorities are guided by long term Board goals: knowing and engaging with the community; recognizing the Library as a key learning institution; providing inspiring, welcoming and creative spaces; delivering service through engaged, multi-talented people and providing access to many resources in many ways. 

Short Term Priorities

  • Establish a collaborative and productive working relationship with the Library Board and the Commissioner with open communication, future focused agendas and comprehensive information for decision making
  • Ensure a successful Central Library redevelopment and technology hub development while maintaining high customer service across the branch network
  • Deliver library services to the approved 2018 budget while ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction along with ensuring continuous improvement and finding efficiencies
  • Continue implementation of the 2017 structural reorganization focused on building internal capacities to position the Library for the future with a revised service delivery model
  • Enrich staff engagement by building a comprehensive change management plan with an emphasis on communication, coaching and staff development
  • Enhance labour management relations and prepare for 2019 collective bargaining with CUPE Local 1989
  • Gain approval from Council on the 2019 operating budget

Long Term Priorities

Implement Future Directions and actively participate in developing the Library business plan and budget

  • Realize the Library’s SMART Library technology and data management vision to achieve a strong presence in all aspects of  the service and as a service itself
  • Expand partnerships with community organizations and stakeholders to deliver services
  • Continue providing support for Mississauga’s vulnerable population through the Open Window Hub
  • Actively market and effectively advocate for the Library using new data and media approaches to boost engagement with youth, students, and young professionals
  • Create systems to remove barriers, create awareness and expand access to library spaces and services in a changing environment
  • Continue planning and implement a new Cooksville Library as well as redeveloping South Common Library in conjunction with the Community Centre redevelopment
  • Develop and manage metrics to drive continuous improvement, increased productivity and performance through LEAN initiatives
  • Demonstrate effective leadership to enhance staff engagement and build effective and long term communication plans to regularly connect with staff and build a culture of learning and innovation
  • Demonstrate effective change management to ensure staff has the capacity and capability to successfully support current services and positively transition to provide future library services.
  • Develop succession plans to be prepared for pending retirements at Library for all leadership levels
  • Network and collaborate with other library systems and as a key member of federal, provincial and regional library groups such as Federation of  Public Libraries (FOPL), Southern Ontario Library Services (SOLS) and Ontario Library Association (OLA) to explore and benchmark best practices in service delivery
  • Create opportunities to offset financial pressures and pursue new revenue streams
  • Effectively represent Library requirements and service offerings as a member of the Community Services and City of Mississauga leadership teams

Candidate Profile


  • Degree in Library and Information Sciences, Business Administration or related field. Post Graduate level preferred.
  • Significant leadership experience in library administration, complex business transformation and change leadership
  • Strong understanding of   Library systems and administration including public library and union environment
  • Current knowledge and experience in technology, content creation and data analytics for service innovation
  • Proven leader/coach with capability to inspire, to build strong teams and to support transparency, recognition and respectful labour relations
  • Experience working with marginalized communities to strengthen their access to resources
  • Marketing knowledge and experience to effectively promote MLS services
  • Advocacy skills and political acuity to deal with members of public, elected officials and key stakeholders.
  • Practices ongoing self-improvement in response to self-awareness and feedback from others

Success Factors

  • Ability to coach, develop and lead teams through items of continuous change while maintaining a positive, healthy and productive work environment.
  • Ability to build relationships with a variety of stakeholders including the Library Board, Members of Council, CUPE, City Divisions, the public and community stakeholders, including groups such as FOPL, SOLS and OLA
  • Ability to understand business trends in technology and data analytics and identify and adapt best practices
  • Ability to demonstrate business and political acuity and act with integrity
  • Ability to communicate and transfer information and knowledge in a formal and informal environment
  • Effectively manage and deliver of customer expectations staying aware of customer trends and satisfaction
  • Demonstrated leadership competencies include acting as champion of change, setting a strategic vision and driving continuous improvement, developing a culture of learning, inspiring and motivating others, accepting responsibility and being accountable for decision making including sound financial decisions.

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