Mississauga wants to have a conversation with you about building our City for the 21st Century

How do you see Mississauga in 40 years? Do you believe we have the potential to be a globally recognized city? We have designed this public engagement campaign to strategically gather your creative thoughts and unique ideas. We want to inspire you, inform you and talk with you in many interactive ways through this website. You have the power to shape the future of our City. Help us build our 40-year strategic plan.

Inspire – Get inspired. Read what community leaders, visionaries and residents have to say about Mississauga.

Four high profile world visionaries along with Mississauga citizens, community leaders and stakeholders are sharing their views about our future. Through their eyes we can see the potential, and through their thoughts we can find inspiration.

Inform – Build your case.
Background information can help your ideas.

Our strategic plan has been in the works for years. The City has been developing tactics and policies and setting goals in a constant improvement plan. Browse though our archives to find out what has been done, and what we need to do.

Interact – Talk to us.
Tell us what we can do to make Mississauga the best it can be.

Have you been inspired and informed? So tell us. Your ideas are important. How can we make our city more green; how do we embrace the diversity; improve our quality of life or how can we simply get you moving more easily and quickly through the city? Send us your video clips, your words, your thoughts.

Help us build a better Mississauga.

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Stephen Lewis &
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