Our Future Mississauga
Strategic Plan

The Our Future Mississauga process has been a Conversation like no other, a Conversation designed to capture the experiences, hopes, dreams and aspirations of thousands upon thousands of people who live and work here. It has been designed to set the stage for the creation of a new vision for the city. That vision is contained in the city's new Strategic Plan that was approved by Council on April 22, 2009.

It has by far been the most comprehensive engagement exercise in the City of Mississauga's history. And it signals the boldness of what is to come. At the completion of this extensive engagement process we have distilled the thousands of ideas we heard to five Strategic Pillars for Change. These pillars represent the foundation for our new Strategic Plan. They are:

Strategic Pillars for Change:

  1. Developing a Transit-Oriented City
  2. Ensuring Youth, Older Adults & New Immigrants Thrive
  3. Completing Our Neighbourhoods
  4. Cultivating Creative & Innovative Businesses
  5. Living Green


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