The Committee of Adjustment is authorized to consider Consent Applications under Section 53 of the Planning Act.

The consent of the Committee is required if you want to sell (sever) or mortgage a portion of your land create a private easement or interest in land or enter into an agreement/lease for a period of 21 years or more. There are also other circumstances in which the consent of the Committee of Adjustment is required; a solicitor should be consulted to determine if consent is necessary since, in some cases, other land division approval processes such as a Plan of Subdivision or Part Lot Control may be more appropriate.

The requirement for consent helps to ensure that development occurs in a controlled and orderly way, and that proper servicing is in place to accommodate it.

How to File a Consent Application

To apply for the consent of the Committee, you will need to fill out an application form [pdf] and submit it to the Committee of Adjustment office, along with the appropriate fee and submission requirements as outlined on the application form.

To meet with the Committee of Adjustment staff you can book an appointment ahead of time.

Citizen’s Guide

The Citizen’s Guide to the Consent Process will help to explain in plain language the role and process of the Committee of Adjustment Consent process.