Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. A dinner in honour of Noel Ryan, December 10, 1988, program (2 copies)
  2. 2 photographs (photocopies)
  3. Queen Elizabeth II: silver jubilee medallion
  4. Juxtapoised : the Noel Ryan Collection, Canadian works from 1965-1975, September 10 to October 28, 2004 -- invitation
  5. Ryan, Noel, from Canadian Who’s Who, 2004, p. 1137
  6. Noel Ryan - Chief Librarian, Mississauga Central Library, in Kathleen Hicks’ VIPs of Mississauga (Mississauga Library System, 1998), pp. 295-299.
  7. Life eternal: [memorial service for the late Noel Ryan, May 8th, 2009; Rev. James Lindsay] (2 copies)
  8. Letter dated 30th January 1987 from Noel Ryan to all library staff announcing his early retirement and appointment as Project Manager and Library Consultant for the Central Library project

See slides: N667 - N669