Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. Recreation in the Town of Port Credit, February 1973, brochure
  2. A program for the development of the Port Credit Harbour, prepared by E. J. Faludi and Associates, April 1960
  3. Preliminary report of the proposed amalgamation of the Township of Toronto and the Village of Port Credit, October 23/1951
  4. Tour of Historic Port Credit, Port Credit Residents' Association 1974, leaflet with map (2 copies)
  5. The Sunday Port Credit Burned, The Weekly, March 1/1962
  6. Port Credit, your guide to friendly people (. . .), 1970s(?)
  7. History of Port Credit, from: Landmarks of Toronto (CAN R 917.13541042 ROB), 1 copy
  8. Port Credit - a Heritage Tour, pamphlet (2 copies)
  9. Sailors at work, Port Credit Harbour, photo
  10. Port Credit - postcard, early 1970s (?)
  11. Port Credit - photograph, early 1970s (?)
  12. Landmarks of Port Credit, from the Harry Warren collection
  13. Port Credit: A Community Study, by Margaret Leslie, 1964
  14. Port Credit Beacon, vol. 1, issue 1, January 30/1987 vol. 1, issue 2, March 30/1987 vol. 1, issue 3, May 29/1987 vol. 1, issue 4, July 24/1987 vol. 2, issue 2, February 1988 vol.2, issue 3, March 1988 vol.2, issue 7, November 1988 vol.2, issue 8, Christmas 1988
  15. Port Credit News, October 17/1989
  16. By-law number 1227 of the Corporation of the Village of Port Credit, 15 p.
  17. Memories 1983-84, W. J. Wood School
  18. 1st Annual Port Credit River Hooking Festival, July 8, 9, 10/ 1988, folder
  19. The History of Port Credit, by E. H. Firstbrook, 8 p. (2 copies)
  20. Port Credit before 1867, by Isobel K. Ganton, 16 p. (3 copies)
  21. Description of contents of Port Credit before 1867 by Isobel Ganton
  22. Heroes All - Port Credit is Proud of Them, Toronto Daily Star, October 15/1918
  23. "Lest We Forget", Port Credit and Vicinity Soldiers' Memorial - Ceremony of Dedication, November 9th 1925, program (2 copies)
  24. The Planning Game - Town of Port Credit, Stark/Temporale Architects and Planners, n.d.
  25. Port Credit: Secondary Plan Study, Stark/Temporale Architects and Planners, n.d.
  26. Replica Is Suggested, The Weekly, May 11/ 1964 (?)
  27. Family Histories, by Mrs. Ida Lynd Bradley (2 copies)
  28. Plan showing part of the Village of Port Credit (Land Fill Project), Marshall, Macklin and Monaghan, Ontario Land Surveyor, December 1953
  29. Plan of Subdivision of Water Lots 1 to 10 (. . .), n.d.
  30. Village of Port Credit - Water Works System - Report on Intake, 1959
  31. Drainage Plan Area ‘F' - Town of Port Credit
  32. Drawing No. 1 - Landscape plan of Centennial Garden and Park, March 31/1965
  33. Sketch showing easements required for proposed storm sewer outlets - Town of Port Credit, April 1968 (2 copies)
  34. Village of Port Credit - Waterworks System, Proposed Waterworks Intake, June 7/1960
  35. Town of Port Credit, Seneca Avenue, plan, n.d.
  36. Plan of the Town Plot of Port Credit, Showing the Improvement upon each Lot since the Sale in 1835 and the Names of the Occupants, 8 p. [Missing: see item #88 - fiche copy]
  37. Terms of reference for the study of Port Credit Harbour, 15 p.
  38. City of Mississauga Polling Subdivisions Ward 8 (Port Credit), March 1976
  39. Plan showing part of the N. side of Toronto St. Falkner Est. Port Credit, n.d.
  40. Sketch shewing North East of the River Credit, Toronto Township, March 6/1913
  41. Perspective of landscape plan of Centennial Garden, for Town of Port Credit, Ontario - George Tanaka, Landscape Architect, March 31/1965, drawing and photo of the drawing
  42. By-law No. 1643 of the Corporation of the Town of Port Credit
  43. Port Credit's Reception to Returned Soldiers, Civic Holiday August 4th 1919, programme, 12 p. (photocopy)
  44. Port Credit Yacht Club is 50 years old, Mississauga News, June 11/1986
  45. Once Port Credit Landmark Now Is Clarke Real Estate/ Mississauga Indians First Inhabitants of Port Credit, News - Review(?) 1961
  46. Busy Port Credit Harbour, The Weekly, July 13/1966
  47. Port Credit Had First Phone In South Peel Back In 1881, The Weekly 1965
  48. 6 photos (photocopies) of the Port Credit Harbour area, 1973(?)
  49. One page of two large photos of Port Credit in 1949 and 1973, A. E. LePage [This item is missing.]
  50. Welcome to the Annual port Credit Ol' Sailors Hockey Tournament, 1986,publicity booklet
  51. Schooner Lillie and Crew of the Schooner Lillie, photocopy
  52. Your Invitation to Port Credit, booklet, 1987
  53. Hooper's Pharmacy Served P. C. Area For Forty Years, article, 1964(?)
  54. Port Credit, Ontario, Canada - postcard
  55. City's first lighthouse cost $3,300 to built, by Marian M. Gibson, Mississauga News, April 25/ 1993
  56. The Settlement of the Southern Part of Toronto Township, by John Henderson, February 2nd, 1926, 9 p.
  57. Port Credit, from Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Peel (CAN R 911.713535 POP)
  58. The Port Credit Yacht Club, periodical clipping, n.d.
  59. A beacon in the city, Mississauga Community Guide 1993/94
  60. The Weekly - Special Supplement, January 12/ 1961 - copy of the newspaper
  61. Port Credit - Mississauga South - Provincial Directories Buyer & Service Guide 1969
  62. Sketch of Part of lot 26 - Concession 2 S.D.S., Township of Toronto, County of Peel
  63. Port Credit Villager, Winter 1993/ 94
  64. Say no to node, Mississauga News, December 12/ 1993
  65. Fun arts activities for everyone at Port Credit's annual Riverfest, Mississauga News, June 15/ 1994
  66. News Release: Federal/City Agreement Starts Port Credit Harbour Redevelopment, May 11/ 1994
  67. Port Credit Harbour - Then . . . Today, n.d.
  68. Port Credit Harbour - Financing, n.d.
  69. Map of Port Credit showing Port Credit Arena, Library, Yacht Club, Legion, n.d.
  70. Port Credit 1981 - plan
  71. Light House - Port Credit, postcard donated by Mabel McCauley
  72. Cards listing sources of information on Port Credit and inhabitants
  73. Port Credit Weekly, October 5/ 1950 [This item is missing.]
  74. Port Credit Celebrates 70 Years Of Excellence, 1989
  75. The Birth of Port Credit March 15, 1909, from the scrapbook of Mrs. W. Graham Gildner
  76. Credit Village Marina is opening May 17, 1997
  77. Port Credit Summer Theatre, July, August 1997, program
  78. Story of the commercial and industrial development of Port Credit and district, manuscript of talk given to Port Credit Rotary Club Monday, February 25th, 1963, by C. R. Hamilton
  79. Port Credit Harbour: 1826 - 1857, Years of growth and decay, by Don Waldie
  80. An article on Port Credit, Ontario, prepared for the Encyclopaedia Americana by Mrs. Mary Johnson June, 1963
  81. The Town of Port Credit, published by the Port Credit Junior Chamber of Commerce, directory, 1961
  82. Port Credit 1960, published by the Port Credit Junior Chamber of Commerce, directory
  83. Hooked on Port Credit, May 1989, brochure
  84. A Monograph on the Grove Farm, Port Credit, by Anthony Adamson
  85. Port Credit, notes, October 1971
  86. The History of Port Credit, by E. H. Firstbrook, December 1946
  87. Plan of Shingle Beach Lot D, Town of Port Credit, March 30/ 1965 (4 copies)
  88. Plan of the Town Plot of Port Credit (3 copies - 2 paper copies, 1 microfiche)
  89. Certified copy of a Report of the Committee of the Privy Council (. . .) on the 17th January, 1918, regarding proposed public roadway running through the government property; Description of roadway to be established over part of the property of the Department of Public Works in the Village of Port Credit, Ont.; Plan accompanying report signed by District Engineer - Proposed Road Port Credit, Ont.
  90. Letter to G. W. Gordon, Esq. Clerk & Treasurer of Port Credit from the Department of Public Works, Office of the Secretary, re: roadway through the government property, January 21/ 1918
  91. Card listing sources of information on Corktown, Port Credit
  92. 1873 ledger shows liquor was cheap, Toronto Star, June 11/1985
  93. The Corporation of the Village of Port Credit - list of Reeves, D/Reeves, Councilors, Mayors, 1909 - 1973; inventory of municipal equipment, n.d.
  94. Council of the Town of Port Credit - photocopy of slide description cards (M409 - M419, M454)
  95. Document by The Ontario Municipal Board, declaring the Corporation of the Village of Port Credit into the Town of Port Credit, dated May 12, 1960, 5 p.
  96. 1792 decision set destiny for port town, Mississauga ‘77
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  98. Preserving Port Credit's past: old townsite closer to becoming heritage conservation district. The Booster, June 11, 2003
  99. Protect our neighbourhood, residents say : City moves to Phase 2 of Port Credit heritage study. The Booster, December 10, 2003.
  100. Six cards listing various articles on medical practice in and around the Port Credit area.
  101. Two postcards, ca 1990s, of Port Credit, published by Tri-Alpha Publications Inc.
  102. What’s in store for Front St. S. ? Debate continues about Old Port Credit Village. The Booster, April 7, 2004.
  103. Breathing new life into Port Credit’s waterfront parks : plans include a reconstructed shoreline, heritage displays and a skateboard park. The Booster, January 19, 2005.
  104. Port Credit history was built on water. Mississauga News, February 9, 2005.
  105. Port Credit is at a crossroads, says discussion panel. The Booster, June 8, 2005.
  106. How a volatile summer storm shaped Mississauga’s history. Mississauga News, October 12, 2005.
  107. The long, hard life of a breakwater. The Booster, October 19, 2005
  108. The secret is out … Fram Building Group’s and Slokker Canada’s vision for Port Credit Village is now a reality. Mississauga News, June 24-26, 2006
  109. A breath of fresh urban air: a lakefront jewel banishes cookie-cutter architecture in favour of exuberant, inviting design. Globe and Mail, August 10, 2006
  110. Shoreline: the northshore newsletter, Volume 2, issue 2
  111. Don’t read this unless you know how to keep a secret. The Booster, July 18, 2007
  112. Report by M. D. Henderson, Treasurer and Chief Administrative Office dated January 4, 1965, to the councils of the Town of Port Credit, the Town of Streetsville, and the Township of Toronto. (2 copies)
  113. New $150,000 refinery will employ 25 hands: industrial development means the reopening of a Harbor. Toronto Star, January 17, 1933
  114. Mississauga’s historic lighthouse lives on in memory. The Booster, December 5, 2007
  115. Fire, brimstone, bulldozers – that’s life on Front Street. The Booster, June 6, 2007
  116. The wreck of the Pinta [a stonehooker]. The Booster, June 4, 2008
  117. The fading survivor of Port Credit’s radial days. The Booster, April 30, 2008
  118. New arena and a new team [Port Credit Memorial Arena]. The Booster, August 6, 2008
  119. Winning the cup - and losing the spirit [Port Credit Sailors Lacrosse Team]. The Booster, August 13, 2006
  120. Remembering the Mary Ellis [stone hooker]. The Booster, February 4, 2009
  121. Clifford, Taylors and Butlers, but no Valleys. [Former telephone exchanges in Port Credit, Cooksville, and other areas of Mississauga.] The Booster, April 22, 2009
  122. World-class Port Credit is born [Janet Ada Rosalie Sheather, competitive swimmer]. The Booster, August 12, 2009
  123. Equal time for sister Muriel [Muriel Eva Marie Sheather, aspiring Hollywood actress]. The Booster, August 19, 2009
  124. Brueckner's rhododendrons [Dr. Joseph Brueckner, rhododendron grower, after whom Rhododendron Gardens is named]. The Booster, September 16, 2009
  125. Royalty paid an unexpected visit [visit in 1926 of Queen Marie of Romania and her son, Prince Nicholas to Toronto, during which they made a stop at Port Credit railway station]. The Booster, November 18, 2009
  126. Port Credit's history is six feet under [stonehooking]. The Booster, December 9, 2009
  127. Two bookmarks celebrating Port Credit's 175th anniversary
  128. Port Credit 175: an exhibit … [Poster]
  129. Remediation plan offers hope. Mississauga Business Times, May 2011
  130. Plan will help shape Port Credit. Mississauga Business Times, May 2011
  131. Zoning for innovation. Mississauga Business Times, June 2011
  132. Postcard of Port Credit harbor
  133. Photocopy of report from Jarvis papers, Baldwin Room, Toronto Public Library, S125 B63, from Robert Wells, dated September 26, 1843, concerning the Village of Port Credit, donated to the Canadiana Collection by Prof. Donald Smith.
  134. Retailers target Port Credit area. Mississauga News, November 4, 2011
  135. Transit-oriented development case study: Port Credit Village, Mississauga, Ontario. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 2007
  136. Condo comes under fire. Mississauga News, March 23, 2012
  137. Infill development hits too close to home [Cumberland Drive]. Mississauga News, August 24, 2012
  138. Port Credit residents want lower speed limit on street. Mississauga News, November 16, 2012
  139. Envelope containing Port Credit Secondary School, 1920-1990, 70th Anniversary Reunion programme, Saturday, May 5, 1990 (3 copies)
  140. A Harbour vision for the ages. Mississauga Life, issue no. 22, November/December 2013
  141. Preservation & progress. Spirit of the City, January/February 2014
  142. Port Credit Lawn Bowling Club celebrates 100th anniversary. Mississauga News, February 26, 2014
  143. Shipwreck anchors in Port Credit. Spirit of the City, May/June 2014
  144. Lawn bowling club to welcome Ontario's best. Mississauga News, July 31, 2014
  145. History of Port Credit Lawn Bowling Club Incorporated, 1912-2013
  146. The Port Credit Cenotaph: their name liveth for evermore, by Arthur P. Kennedy, BASc., P. Eng., former Director of Water and Waste, Region of Peel
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  148. Letter dated August 27, 2014 to Dorothy Kew, Local History Librarian, from Eldon McFadyen, Port Credit Lawn Bowling Club accompanying a copy of a booklet on the history of the club.
  149. Let's regain, restore our industrial lands. Business Times, July 2015
  150. Planning department approves framework for Imperial Oil lands. Mississauga News, December 10, 2015
  151. Metrolinx finalizing plans for Port Credit Mobility Hub. Mississauga News, February 4, 2016
  152. Port Credit marina could cost up to $50 million. Mississauga News, February 11, 2016
  153. From ashes of disaster, an urban tree industry rises. Mississauga News, March 24, 2016
  154. Putting the 'water' back in Port Credit's waterfront dream. Mississauga News, June 23, 2016
  155. Closure of Port Credit No Frills will be 'catastrophic'. Mississauga News, December 16, 2016
  156. Council approves 15-storey building in Port Credit. Mississauga News, March 2, 2017
  157. Town of Port Credit official opening and dedication of Centennial Gardens, July 1st, 1967
  158. The traffic is booming through Peel's busy port. Mississauga News, July 12, 1967
  159. Port Credit redevelopment a 'game changer'. Mississauga News, May 4, 2017
  160. Canada Lands donation is potential waterfront breakthrough. Mississauga News, June 8, 2017
  161. Collector Gordon Hatten brandishes his love of Port Credit. Mississauga News, August 3, 2017
  162. Fresh look for iconic Port Credit lighthouse. Mississauga News, November 2, 2017
  163. Marina talks spark proposed policy on councillor conduct. Mississauga News, December 7, 2017
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