Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. A few facts about Peel County... ca. 1920, 9 p.
  2. Peel County Historical Society - meeting, November 19/1987
  3. Peel County Historical Society - Yesterday in Peel, a symposium, October 17/1987, programme
  4. Peel remembers - Artists from the Perkins Bull Collection, 1984 (5 copies)
  5. Pioneer Life in the County of Peel, from the scrapbook of Mrs. Gildner
  6. Pioneer life in Peel, by F. T. Grafton; Early Days in Peel County, by Royal Grafton
  7. The Regional Municipality of Peel Special Council Meeting Agenda, September 11/1997
  8. How Edmonton changed name to Snelgrove. Mississauga News, September 20, 1967