Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. Pallett put in a lot for all of us, Mississauga News, November 21/1981
  2. Anatomy of a farm sale, Mississauga News, August 15/1984
  3. Pallett farm fight down to the wire, Mississauga News, August 29/1984
  4. Heritage a slice of Mississauga, Mississauga News, August 15/1984
  5. Farm feud hits the street, Mississauga News, September 19/1984
  6. Close to 200 people from all walks of life, Mississauga News, September 19/1984
  7. Former MP John Pallett dead at 64, Mississauga News, October 9/1985
  8. Pioneer's descendants still scoring, Mississauga News, April 3/1968
  9. Donald Pallett: patriarch of famous Mississauga family, Mississauga News, April 21/1991
  10. Thomas Pallett genealogy. 4 p., typescript
  11. Robert Pallett genealogy. 4 p., typescript
  12. King Bee Pallett is 80, Mississauga News, April 27, 1994
  13. A tribute to John C. Pallett, Q. C. [from The Mississauga Hospital Foundation Board of Directors]
  14. Pioneering [Pallett] family honoured with green space. Booster, June 5, 2014