Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. Memorandum to Dr. M. L. Dobkin, Mayor, from R. G. B. Edmunds, Commissioner of Planning, Re: Civic Centre, May 1/1974
  2. Mississauga City Hall National Architectural Design Competition: Public Exhibition, September 30/1982
  3. News Release - Mississauga City Hall Design Competition Winner Announced, September 29/1982
  4. Mississauga City Hall Competition, An Overview, by Ken Greenberg
  5. Mississauga Civic Centre Groundbreaking, publicity folder, May 8/1984
  6. Memorandum to Noel Ryan from Keith N. Cowan, Deputy City Manager, Re: Mississauga Town & Villages for Council Chamber Frieze, n.d.
  7. Founding Stone Ceremony, Programme and invitation, September 14/1985
  8. Media Release - Founding Stone Ceremony, September 14/1985
  9. A Royal Invitation, brochure, July 18/1987
  10. Souvenir program - Official opening, July 18/1987 (3 copies)
  11. Mississauga package - opening day events and procedures, Mississauga Civic Centre, July 15-18/1987 (2 folders)
  12. Council Chamber Ceiling pin (3)
  13. This civic centre resembles farmstead, Toronto Star, February 3/1990
  14. A Royal Celebration - The Mississauga Civic Centre Opening Celebrations [4 copies]
  15. Mississauga Civic Centre post card (2)
  16. Jones and Kirkland's Mississauga Civic Centre, Architecture Today, c.1988 [missing]
  17. Explore the Mississauga Civic Centre, pamphlet, June 1993 (2 copies)
  18. Bell tolls for Civic Centre conservatory? Mississauga News, June 27/1990
  19. Mississauga Artsight, May 1994
  20. Mississauga City Hall: progress report on the National Design Competition, March 18/1981 - see catalogued copy at CAN R 352.509713535 HAL
  21. Misscellany, City of Mississauga Business News, Summer 1987 [missing]
  22. Mississauga: Municipal Energy Audit Program, Pamphlet
  23. Mississauga Civic Centre: our file 115-74, Report dated February 21/1974
  24. Mississauga City Hall Awards Presentation, September 29/1982
  25. City Centre Secondary Plan, November 1988
  26. Urban Design Vision, January 1995
  27. Civic Centre Mississauga [brochure]
  28. Photocopy of photograph, col., 5" x 7", official opening, Mississauga Civic Centre. From left: Andrew, Duke of York, Sarah, Duchess of York, Mayor Hazel McCallion
  29. Indians on the Credit : mural recognition ceremony, Tuesday, February 15, 2005, at the Civic Centre (3 copies)
  30. City of Mississauga Media advisory, Indians on the Credit Mural Ceremony
  31. Photocopy of an Ilford Cibachrome photo of the Council Chamber ceiling
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  37. The Great Bear and the Seven Hunters: an Ojibway legend [Mississauga & me : brochure]
  38. Council Chambers - 2nd floor [From an unidentified brochure, 2008]
  39. World's ugliest city hall could be in Mississauga. Mississauga News, October 25, 2013
  40. Facts and figures on the Mississauga Civic Centre
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  44. A model of Civic Centre. [PowerPoint presentation at City of Mississauga Leadership Conference, 2019]