Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. Mississauga Shopping Concourse - leasing information, brochure (Square One)
  2. Mississauga City Centre News, February 1973, 4 p., promotional brochure (Square One)
  3. Mississauga Shopping Concourse, promotional folder with photographs (Square One)
  4. Square One, Canada's largest enclosed shopping centre, McLaughlin Group, promotional brochure with mall directory
  5. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc., report on S. B. McLaughlin Associates Ltd.
  6. Financial report, first quarter, 1979
  7. Annual report, 1979
  8. Annual report, 1980
  9. The people who think in four dimensions, brochure [This item is missing.]
  10. Mississauga City Magazine, February 1978 (contains article on B. McLaughlin)
  11. The Mississauga super developer with grand designs on all Canada, Toronto Star, October 13/1973
  12. Square One - we have everything to make your summer fun, advertising brochure, May 1977
  13. Square One - mall seized from Mascan, Toronto Star, December 20/1983
  14. Mississauga - our history, McLaughlin slide presentation - tape (slides belonging to the presentation can be found in the slide collection A100 - A172 inclusive) [This tape is missing.]
  15. The McLaughlin Group was founded in 1957 . . . notes by Albert Spratt
  16. Further housing concentration slated for Mississauga Valleys, Streetsville Review, April 19/1972
  17. Mississauga City: Canada's newest city, The Review, October 27/1971
  18. Periodical clippings, 1968 - 1975
  19. Periodical clippings, 1976-1988
  20. These city builders left a real legacy. Mississauga Business Times, September 2012