Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. Typed copy of letter: "My dr.Charley . . . Your afft. Br. T. M.", January 13th, 1845, letter from the Magrath family transcribed by Kay Sayers
  2. Typed copy of letter: "Many, Many Happy New Years to you . . . , 12 January 1845, transcribed by K. Sayers
  3. Typed copy of letter: "My dearest brother . . . Anna", 12 January 1845, transcribed by K. Sayers
  4. Typed copy of letter: "What are you doing there in Ireland . . . W. M.", January 13, 1945, transcribed by K. Sayers
  5. Ontario History, Vol. LV, Number 3, September 1963 (containing article on Rev. James Magrath)
  6. Land plots of William Magrath - Erindale Estate, from: The Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Peel
  7. Magrath family fonds, Region of Peel Archives
  8. Peel militia sees service in rebellion, article, December 12/1979
  9. "A PAMPHLET OF A VERY SCURRILOUS NATURE": A libel case from upper Canada of the 1840's
  10. The Cottage : from Ontario Inventory of Buildings, compiled by Jean Adamson, Marion Morton and Mary Manning. Includes two photographs of the Magrath Cottage, Range 1 NDS, probably Lot 5, now demolished.
  11. Magrath Estate, from Jean Adamson, Erindale at the crook of the Credit, rev. ed. (Boston Mills Press, 1978)
  12. When rebellion flared in Ireland, Rev. Magrath had to choose sides. The Booster, March 14, 2007
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