Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. Chppell Estate/ Riverwood - Recommended for addition to the Heritage Inventory
  2. List of slides of Chappell Estate in the Local History Slide Collection
  3. The Big House - Remembering Home, by Margaret MacEwan, Mm, October 1989
  4. Naturally beautiful home has tale to tell, by John Stewart, Mississauga News, October 10/1986
  5. Reminiscences of Riverwood, by Grace Chappell, pamphlet, August 1995 (2 copies)
  6. Floor plans for Riverwood (2 copies)
  7. Riverwood: the estate that dreams are made of, brochure, n.d. (2 copies)
  8. Mississauga Garden Park, brochure, Mississauga Community Services/2001
  9. Shaping the future of the Garden Park by keeping ... Garlic Mustard Out!!, brochure, Mississauga Garden Council/2001
  10. Lives lived : Margaret Parker MacEwan (Maggie Grant). Globe & Mail, November 6, 1997
  11. Country house of W. R. P. Parker, Erindale, Ont. Construction, 14, 7 (July 1921): 192-197
  12. It's being called Mississauga's signature park but very few have ever heard about Riverwood. Mississauga News, March 29-30, 2003
  13. Is the Prime Minister’s séance still going on? The Booster, October 31, 2007
  14. Riverwood slowly taking root in the community. Mississauga News, July 23, 2010
  15. The Riverwood Conservancy [brochure]
  16. Birds of Riverwood 2011-2012 [brochure]
  17. Swallows making a comeback at Riverwood Conservancy. Mississauga News, August 1, 2012
  18. Riverwood: come to Riverwood to explore, learn and enjoy! [brochure]
  19. Riverwood campaign cultivates a more beautiful city. Mississauga Quarterly, Winter 2004/2005