Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. Letter from William Newton to Mrs. J. Alton re: Lighthouse Display, attached: drawings, July 11/1979, 4 p.
  2. Tenants lose struggle to save Bevark homes, Mississauga News, May 28/1980
  3. Park tenants must vacate council says, Toronto Star, May 27/1980
  4. The Bevark Property - site of Cranberry Cove Park, 1980, map; attached note on demolition of two of the houses
  5. Last public meeting on the planning of our Community Park, poster
  6. Letter of thanks to Albert Spratt from Janice Alton, June 6/1980
  7. City of Mississauga Memorandum, from: Lyle F. Love, Commissioner, Recreation and Parks Department, re: Cranberry Cove Park, August 19, 1980; attached: 1) letter from Janice Alton dated July 17, 1980; 2) Photographic Inventory of Mississauga, note by Albert Spratt, May 29, 1980; 3) letter from D. Patterson, Port Credit Secondary School and Joanne Wilton, Lorne Park Secondary School, May 22, 1980; 4) address to L.A.C.A.C. by Janice Alton, August 28, 1980; 5) Bevark Park Site [. . .], by James W. Knight, Heritage Canada Foundation; 11 p.
  8. To: Mayor Hazel McCallion, memo from Albert Spratt, re: photographic inventory of the Lakeshore Communities, May 26, 1980
  9. Letter from Basil Gerol to Albert Spratt, attached: Cranberry Cove For A Recreational and Heritage Park - presentation by Basil Gerol, May 12, 1980; 5 p.
  10. Letter from Richard Johnston, M.P.P. to The Mayor and Council, City of Mississauga, September 5, 1980; on reverse: City of Mississauga Memorandum, re: Cranberry Cove Park, September 5, 1980; from: Agenda General Committee, September 17, 1980
  11. Our peaceful battlefield [How Dr. Joseph Brueckner donated 60 varieties of rhododendron and azalea shrubs to the City which were eventually planted in Cranberry Cove Park, renamed Rhododendron]