Mississauga Library System

Local Archives:

  1. The Solemn Blessing of St. Martin Church, Mississauga, Ontario, June 22, 1971, pamphlet
  2. Letter to A. Spratt from Rev. Wm. J. O'Leary, re: History of Parish, April 4, 1974
  3. Photocopy of photo of St. Martin's Church, 1974
  4. St. Francis of Assisi Parish - Information
  5. A Living Parish - Blessed Maximilian Kolbe Parish, pamphlet
  6. St. Patrick's Church - St. Patrick's Day Celebration, March 17, 1993
  7. A Brief History of St. Patrick's, Toronto Irish News, March/April 1993
  8. St. Christopher’s Parish 50th Anniversary Calendar and cover letter from Christina Crust.
  9. Mississauga mosque helps vandalized church [St. Catherine of Siena] clean up. Mississauga News, July 2, 2015
  10. Police, Crown not pursuing hate crime charges in attack on church [St. Catherine of Siena]. Mississauga News, July 9, 2015